Thursday, 18 December 2008

Let's not forget about Hannukah, everybody

During this charming time of year, of Santas and Christmas trees and stockings and other pagan-originating Christianity-stolen paraphernalia constantly assaulting the sensibilities, it is easy to forget that not only does the world have other religions, but they do fun stuff too! Like have their own holidays! And celebrate their own traditions! And make equally strange and ugly crafts! As I am an equal-opportunity blogger, far be it for me to withhold this fine specimen of the Jewish faith, which I am told is supposed to look like a menorah:

Now, I am certainly no authority on the ancient and beautiful traditions of the Jewish faith, but seriously, I'm pretty sure menorahs aren't supposed to look like that. Granted, it is blue, but it's also held together with pipe cleaners and aluminum foil, sooo.... yeah.
I do understand that this is supposed to be a kid-friendly alternative to fire and all that, but I really don't think it's fair to blame this atrocity on children. First of all, it was made by an adult. Honest. Secondly, kids love fire! If you don't let them play with it, how will they ever horrifically burn themselves and learn to fear it? Lastly, if the whole point of making a menorah kid-friendly is simply to not have it result in a deadly molten fire-ball, all an adult has to do is not light their real menorah on fire while the 'chilluns are playing with it. Seriously, folks. You can always use your pipe-cleaner spirals on real candles, and save your clothes pegs and Kleenex boxes for some other terrifically misguided holiday contraption. Please.

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