Friday, 19 December 2008

The Great Debate

I debated a good long while about whether or not to post this next picture, as I found it to have a fine number of good qualities along with its equally many bad ones. Ultimately, I decided to go ahead and post it, outline my thought process, and let you come to your own magnificent conclusions. So, please feel free to join me in going through my list of this lil' guy's pros and cons.

Pro: He seems to be well painted, and actually pretty well made overall.

Con: Is that supposed to be a wreath? Added with the Microsoft Paint 'spraypaint' tool circa 1998? Good god.

Pro: I like crafts that are inexpensive to make, and this seems to be an okay use of old flower pots.

Con: Forget about the wreath. What he really needs is a speech bubbles saying "Armz. I can haz dem?"

Pro: His moustache is symmetrical. Which is nice.

Con: He looks as if his goal in life is to pierce the very fabric of my soul with his unblinking, hypnotic gaze.

What do you think?

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