Sunday, 4 January 2009

Just What I want When I'm Bleeding From My Vahoohah


This is just to tide you over until I can post something more substantial.

They're maxi pads. Hand-made out of flannel. Because flannel is so famously hypo-allergenic and hand-washable. And absorbent.

If you don't see something funny about that, you don't deserve to be looking at my site.


  1. How delightful and absolutely useless at the same time!

  2. Holy crap, wtf!!! Those are um, interesting...

  3. I am particularly thrilled with the fact that they are so colorful!! It is important to bleed on attractive fabric.

  4. oh my stars. I NEED the one with the cute little owls. Now THAT is what has been missing from my life. Now my period won't suck as much.

    Is that a handy-dandy SNAP button?! sweet.

  5. Are they plastic backed? Cos, otherwise, er, moisture just goes thru the layers and... yeah, not much point in that.
    Also, they have no right to try to be cute and whimsically patterned an all that. Jeez.


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