Wednesday, 17 December 2008


As I'm sure you are all completely unaware, the holidays are almost here. Startling, I know. Christmas really seems to just creep up on us out of nowhere, completely unannounced. I sure wish some massive, capitalistic, mega-corporate conglomorates would have come out months ago with an overwhelming and seizure-inducing marathon of advertisements just to remind all of us that we desperately needed to start buying their stuff immediately. That sure wouldn't have been a jingle-filled depth of hell.

In the spirit of this holiday season, though, I've collected many of the most impressive Christmas crafts from around the internets, and I aim to share them with the world in the upcoming week. I know, I'm a giver.

Today I've decided to start with one of my favorite holiday decorations; the wreath. Symbolizing unity, longevity, and the unending love of the baby Jesus, the humble wreath is also easily personalized, and many crafters choose this medium to express what they are most thankful for in this most holy and joyous of times.

This wreath, for example, is entirely made of pill bottles. Dozens of pill bottles which once contained lots and lots of drugs. I can't personally think of a better way to immortalize and broadcast what brings the most cheer and joy to this crafter's life during the holidays. And just imagine how fun it must have been to make! What an inspiring message for us all.

Speaking of making a wreath from one's favorite things, why not take a cue from this crafter and make a wreath from all of your favorite things. Literally all of them. Every last one of them. A lesser crafter might say this wreath looks like it was regurgitated on by the Dollar Store after it drank too much at last year's holiday office party, but you and I know this is really a classy, and, above all, elegant display of everything you own.

If the "Pillbottle Fantasy" isn't quite your, ehm, wreath of choice, perhaps you can save up all your wine corks from the week and put together this magnificent creation. Show off your good cheer with pride! On public display on your front door, this wreath is sure to let all your neighbors know that your Christmas will undoubtedly be the merriest of all. Or at least the drunkenest. Obviously, it could go either way.

Crafting tip: feel free to use your wreath as a tribute to your favorite sports team, no matter how ugly their colors or how horrifically bad spray-painted pinecones look. Even though this is seriously one of the ugliest things I've ever seen, I do now know that this crafter really, really likes the Steelers. And if that isn't the true meaning of Christmas, I don't know what is.


  1. look like vibrators!

  2. So all the talk, but no instructions on how to make the pill bottle wreath or any other wreath for that matter...or am I missing something here? tapped on picture and got nowhere��


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