Saturday, 14 March 2009

Wow. I Clearly Overestimated My Fan Base.

After yesterday's overwhelming response to a couple badly-made vaginas, I think I'm gonna roll with it and offer up some ovaries today in the hopes of really sparking a Twitter frenzy. Then maybe I'll make some fart jokes and talk about boobies for a while, before I spend an hour making muscles into my bedroom mirror. Amazing, isn't it, how absolutely everyone on the internet is a 12-year-old boy. Astounding, really.

But first, one last vagina to really send you all a-flutter:

That should tide over all your pre-pubescent minds for at least a few days, let's hope. I mean, it's made out of purple satin and sequins and everything.

And here we go, my fellow middle-schoolers, this is what a rainbow knitted door-hanging uterus with pom-pom ovaries looks like. Because I'm sure you were wondering. Try not to get too excited.

And this is a glitter poof-paint uterus shirt currently for sale on Etsy, for those of us who want to be able to wear a hideous diagram of our baby-making machines in all of its glittering, poof-painted glory.

I already ordered mine as a sheet set in orange.

Special thanks goes out today to one of my favoritest bloggers out there, HeatherCherry, who, like myself, thinks that fruit cozies are god's gift to mankind. If you don't know what a fruit cozy is, you need to go to her site and see it to believe it.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out!

    Just looking at the labels on this post maketh me to lawl.

  2. "before I spend an hour making muscles into my bedroom mirror"

    Is my webcam on?

  3. First, thanks for the quick response to my Entrecard ad. Second, I suddenly feel 12...and all weird inside now that I'm looking at these photos. Thanks. ;)

  4. Is that first one intended to be "used"? If so, she probably made a fortune off of it. The sequin "button" at the top does show an attention to detail :).


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