Sunday, 8 March 2009

Still Stripping After 25 Years

I've come to the realization recently that it's not just the lowly budding crafters who can fail spectacularly at not being unintentionally hilarious. No, it can be anyone involved in the professional process as well, including writers and editors and even publishers, and I have the proof:

What, exactly, are we not supposed to throw away? the 10-foot tall chair made out of a malformed 2x4, or the lamp made out of what appears to be a pasta maker, or the stunning gypsy/soda can hybrid? Because, frankly, I would argue that it is all begging to get thrown away.

This book's title almost seems like the start of a really bad joke, doesn't it? Like, "More fishermen crochet than politicians who don't drink". Or "More fishermen crochet than bankers who don't give themselves huge bonuses while everyone else around them goes bankrupt." Or "More fishermen crochet than hookers bathe."

Aww, bless. She's still got it, even after all these years. It's nice to know that al least there's some longevity in this line of work. And by that I mean quilting, the line of work known as quilting.

*Thanks to David D and Anna P for their infallible abilities to spot crapfts that are ridiculous.


  1. I'd stuff a dollar in Eleanor Burns's granny panties.

  2. As opposed to Less Fisherman Crochet. We've had enough of the crochet already. ;-)

    Stripping? Well, if she can do it.......

  3. That chick is about to die from crochet asphyxiation.

  4. I love it, using sex to sell DIY quilting. All's fair in advertising.

  5. i bet she quilts vests to make the stripping process last a little longer... a little intrigue never hurt i suppose. maybe that's how she's lasted all these years!

  6. Wow, stripping for 25 years. She must be very well preserved. Crapfts...I've done a few.

  7. OMG-I wasn't drinking when I wrote that-really----hiccup.

  8. OMG- my mom had that first book, "Don't Throw It Away!" She, thank God, never did anything with it, but even as a child, I knew that shit was ugly.

  9. Aw, C'mon, you guys! Do you really think Eleanor & Co didn't see the joke when they named that book? There must be something funnier or more unintentional to write about!


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