Saturday, 28 March 2009

Good Golly Miss Molly


Note to crafters: When you find yourself turning your mom's kitchen curtains into an oversized floral bonnet for your mildly-retarded looking plastic doll, it's time to put down the wine coolers and back away slowly from the sewing machine.

That's right, Rhonda, I'm talking to you.

On a different note, this site was recently featured in The Times, Acadania's weekly newspaper! Yay for Louisianaianans!


  1. Yea!


    Mom will love this.

    Good grief, though. That doll looks like it's getting ready to eat my face off and enjoy it.

  2. Holy crap! You need to bring sexy back again. LOL

  3. I just voted for you for Best Humor Blog! This site is great.

  4. That's the retarded Von Trapp kid that no one ever talked about.

  5. That doll is creepy - it looks like the illegitimate love child of Rosie O'Donnell and Chucky. All she needs is a paid of scissors in her little doll-hand.

    And look at that pig-nose. Christ.


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