Thursday, 12 March 2009

Malformed and Congealing... Professionalism at its Best

Finally! Someone has addressed my urgent need for a professional-looking desk-top pencil slash business card holder. Nothing screams "I am a capable and trustworthy business-like person" than a melting, shit colored, should-have-been-paper-mache'd-and-that's-saying-a-lot pencil slash business card holder. For, you know, your desk. At work. To impress your colleagues and clients. I mean, if this doesn't strike a sense of fear, admiration, and awe into the very heart of all who behold it, I'm not sure what will.

FYI, as always, this was made by an adult, and is currently for sale at the low low price of only $15.99 on Etsy! Will the wonders never cease.


  1. Why is it when I look at that I see something obscene?

  2. Um.....I wasn't thinking obscene until I red Deb's comment. Good point.

    I was noticing that the appears to be drooling. EEEEWWWWW!

  3. umm, I was thinking of something else, not produced by salivary glands... sorry.

  4. Yeah, I'm onboard with the obscene thing now too...:-P


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