Thursday, 19 March 2009

Unadulterated Jackassery

So I was being a jackass the other day and I managed to sprain my ankle quite thoroughly. Hard to imagine, I know - me being a jackass. But yes, it is true, and now the couch and I are becoming well acquainted. And, while I lay here in my unending mire of self-pity, milking it for all it's worth, I'm left to simply sit and continuously contemplate the full depths of my jackassery, which trust me, is as extensive as you think it is. My one consolation, though, through all of this, is that the world of crafting has once again shown me that there are always bigger jackasses than me, which is always mildly reassuring.

For example, what jackass thought this shit was okay:

It's called "Sunrise From A Blind Man's Eyes", which would be fine, except for the fact that the artist isn't blind. He's just a jackass. A JAckass with a capital J (and A as well- It's a typo but I'm keeping it) that thinks that blind people can see colors, but only when they're splattered and primary. If I were blind, and I could see this, I would be freaking offended.

Oh, I'm feeling better already. It's amazing how thoroughly mocking someone else's jackassery can raise a person's spirits. Sunny days ahead, my friends, sunny days ahead.


  1. see... I thought big bird exploded on the ocean

  2. Let's just hope that's government-funded jackassery.

  3. That's ludicrous. A lot of us can't paint or draw, but we don't pretend we're blind so we can pass shiz off as art. Sprained ankles are the worst! Hope it gets better fast :\

  4. Um........even more crazy is that someone would buy it.

  5. Scarier is that some art critic will probably find it and put it in a gallery somewhere.

  6. Well, you know what they say... laughter is the best medicine... or some crap like that.


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