Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Racial Tolerance in Children is Overrated

I am aware that there are a lot of parents who read Homemade Hilarity; parents of young, innocent, wonderfully malleable precious little snowflakes who have yet to learn of all the wonders and complexities of the human species. They do not yet know, for example, that all Chinese people are indeed a uniform bright canary yellow in color and are immensely pleased to wear rice paddy hats to work everyday down at the math factory. Similarly, these kids may have not yet been made aware that any face can be made to look sufficiently middle-or-far-eastern-like if colored any shade of brown and given vaguely-slanted eyes and an unidentifiable head wrap. Is s/he Sri Lankan? Egyptian? Afghani? Who cares? It's not like any of us need to know the difference anyway.

To teach your children all these valuable life lessons and many more, either you can spend years reiterating personal cultural prejudices in the hopes that they might finally sink in someday, or you can choose to make racial stereotyping fun with this Masks-of-the-World craft kit! Your little angels will be repeating ignorance-based ethnic slurs before you know it!

Also included in this set: red construction paper and a neon-dyed feather selection for the "Majestic Native American" mask, as well an array of sun-burned orange paper and pre-cut moustaches to make your very own "Mexican Fiesta" face! Arriba!


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