Sunday, 22 February 2009

Oooh, Lovely.

Rarely do I come across a craft so stunningly beautiful, so utterly masterful, so completely unparalleled in artistic talent and choice of subject matter, that I find it sets a new standard within its art form. This is one of those times.

I implore you to look deep within this darling child's expectant eyes, to laugh along with her jovial grin, to imagine just reaching our and honking her alarmingly bulbous nose. What brilliant artistic mind she was borne of, I do not know, but I would like to shake their hand and nominate them for sainthood based on all they have single-handedly given to society and the world as a whole, not to mention the magic they have brought to my life. And by "magic" I mean material for ridicule, natch.


  1. Are you sure that isn't a baby werewolf?

  2. WTF is that? Is it drawn on a paper bag? If so, hopefully the bag was put over the head of whatever thing this is a likeness of.

  3. Well now I know what image will be floating in the dark when I turn out the lights tonight. Thanks!

  4. Hey, it's the chimp that tore that poor woman's face off, and already it's an embroidery pattern! Only, this time it has a Katie Holmes haircut, a christening outfit, and, y'know, those hard-to-find blue eyeballs.
    Well, no wonder, then, right?

  5. @Deb ... 'likeness' is a touchingly generous description. If likeness it really be, though, then the saints save us from the satanic spawn that sat for the portrait.


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