Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I Swear To God, This Was Made by an Adult

The crapft in question today I found on a website created by adults, run by adults, and intended for adults, so there is no excuse for this half-assed fuckery I am about to force upon you. The target of this specific crapft, as far as I can ascertain, was to create a stained-glass-esque picture out of tissue paper and black cardstock, which really isn't as complicated a procedure as, oh, let's say, super-gluing your fingers together.

So, let's start this post out by taking a look at what stained glass is supposed to look like, in all of its historically-significant and Jesus-induced detailing:

This next picture is a fine example of what a paper "stained glass" picture can look like. Is it terribly attractive? Not really. Is it artistic? Sure. Is the end result worth the amount of glue necessary to make it? Not at all. But still, I am willing to cede that there is a certain amount of artistic ability implied within its many intricacies:

But this... this, my gentle readers, is the most inexcusable and horrific waste of both colored tissue and man-power I have ever seen. What is that large, malformed pink blob, you ask? I have no fucking idea. And the matching, multicolored mini-blobs? Yeah, those are called mistakes. This is really not so much a stained-glass masterpiece as an unfortunate misunderstanding between a crafter and their general lack of talent; and yet, I have somehow found it posted as an official guide for other crafters to aspire to, on its own website.

Shocking, really.


  1. Sometimes I get the idea that some crafters are just crafty to be crafty.
    It's a kind of an exercise in meeting a deadline while hungover.
    "Damn! the editor wants something NOW! and all I have is black paper and the tissue from a PajamaGram..... Think!... Dammit... Think!...."

  2. OMG that looks like the teletubbies crapped on the page

  3. I think it was the after effects of a Pink Floyd laser light show and the reefer...

    My suggestion is the big pink blob might just be a Pig on Wing.

  4. The second one kinda looks like a some weird overweight solar system...

  5. Obviously the big pink blob is the "mother ship" and the other ones are the UFO re-con scouts. You guys aren't wearing your tin foil hat are you?

  6. I saw that blog - it's definitely not stained-glass like at all - perhaps they don't know what stained glass looks like?

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