Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Let's Play a Game!

Alright, everyone! Gather round, for it is time to play "Name That Badly Painted Face!" All of these timeless masterpieces were found for sale on Etsy.com, none less than $200. They're a steal, I tell you, a steal. And while the subjects of these objets d'art may be obvious for any true connoisseur of the d'arts, I'm willing to bet that the average reader of HomemadeHilarity will have no idea. We're not a sophisticated bunch over here, now are we.

So, let's have a little contest! Take a careful look at the three paintings, and leave your guesses for their identities in the comments, along with your name, email, and your website (if you have one). The winner will get a framed copy of one of the paintings they can hang on their massive wall of trophies. I swear to god.

And, because I'm awesome, I'll give you two hints:
1) They're all celebrities from film and tv, and
2) #1 and #3 are somehow related, beyond both being borne of the same artistic genius.



I would also like to say "Thank You" at this junction, to everyone who reads this site regularly. For the first time since HomemadeHilarity began (just under two months ago), we broke the 1000 mark for unique visitors in one day yesterday, and I'm one proud mama. Hopefully we'll continue along this path, and eventually 0wn j00r 1nt3rn3ts!!!111

Also, at this junction, I would like to point out to you lot that there are two of us writing for this site. There is myself, Julia D, and my cohort JK. While our writing styles may be similar, you can tell us apart because she's the funny one. If in doubt, just look where it says "posted by" underneath each post, and that should be pretty self-explanatory.

So with that, let the games begin!! Guessing ends tomorrow night, NY time.


  1. This comment is by JK.

    Oooh, ooh, I know #1 and #3 without even cheating and asking you. It took me a while, though. The first one by itself is indecipherable. He looks like a deactivated cake golem.



    "Dance like no one is looking." - JK

  2. I'm goin with:

    1) Alfred Hitchcock
    2) Cheryl Ladd
    3) Carey Grant


  3. umm.. you left the answers in the image names

  4. I agree with anonymous, but I still think #1 looks like Dr. Phil.

  5. Alright, fine. I've changed the picture names. Happy now?!
    Honestly, I was hoping no-one would even notice. So, thanks for proving me wrong.

    Everything should be fine now.


  6. I know these aren't right but I have to play.
    1. Jim Belushi
    2. Kendra (Hef's ex)
    3. Russell Crowe

  7. I know I'm way off but like they say: beauty(?) is in the eye of the beerholder:
    1) Danny DeVito
    2) Jessica Simpson
    3) Mel Gibson
    I'll go have another beer or two now and try again.

  8. Congratulations on your many visitors! This is one of my favorite sites and I look forward to the crap you find each and everyday!

  9. @Jen: "I look forward to the crap you find each and everyday!"

    OMG that made me laugh so hard. That should be our official testimonial!

    @ everyone else:

    since I'm having my doubts about anyone actually guessing it, I may have to give out the award to the most creative guesses. But, do try to guess who you really think they are.

  10. #1 Kevin from the Office

    #2 one of Bill Clinton's affairs (heh - see how I did that?)

    #3 Edward G. Robinson (I only know him from film criticism in college. If it's not him - it should be!)

  11. 1) Randy
    2) Joy
    3) Earl's Dad

    p.s. congrats. really, you're performing such a service to us all. my day wouldn't be the same without the hilarity... keep it coming!


  12. # 1. That big goof with one eye from the 'Star Wars'-wannabe-but-without-the-budget early 80s fantasy film 'Krull'. Only with two eyes (just about).

    And a tie.

    #2. The daughter Farrah Fawcett never had.

    #3. Redmond O'Neal. The son she *did* have.

  13. 1. Dr. Phil
    2. Hannah Montana (sans bangs)
    3. A guy who needs Dr. Phil before he guns down an office of his coworkers after getting laid off like 80 percent of the population has/will :-)

  14. 1. brian baumgartner (the office)
    2. avril lavigne
    3. steve carrell

  15. Okay, # 1 was easy and with the hint I got # 3, but # 2 looks like Patricia Arquette from "After Hours"

  16. Kevin from the Office
    Farrah Fawcett?
    Dan Quayle? He wasn't in the Office was he? But I'm sure #1 is Kevin so I'm not sure.

  17. 1 is Kevin from the Office
    3 is Michael from the Office
    2 is Jenny McCarthy?

    Just a guess.

  18. 1- Bill O'Reilly
    2- Caroline Kenedy
    3- Kobe Bryant

  19. I won't venture a guess, but this is still much better than I could do :)

  20. Haven't a clue in hell, and I certainly wouldn't want one LOL


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