Friday, 6 February 2009

For Just $1 A Day, You Can Rescue These Animals From A Life Of Crocheted Pajamas

If you have ever thought about doing this to a beloved household pet:

Or, better yet, this:
Don't. Just don't. It's not cute. It's not funny. Nobody's laughing. Well, I'm laughing, but not with you. So as far as you think, nobody's laughing. See how the dog looks like he's pleading to be put down? That's because he is. See how the cat won't even look his owner in the face? That's because he's all sorts of done with this fuckery.

Animal cruelty just isn't cool, guys. Put down the knitting needles and back away slowly. Seriously.


  1. poor kitty!! geez, I won't even put anything crocheted on an innocent tissue box never mind an animal! :P

  2. Seriously! I don't even understand why that person felt that their cat needed a crocheted outfit! Hairless dogs are one thing, Persian cats are something very different. Bizarre.

  3. THE POOR THANGS!! That just is wrong. Especially the cat. Ever pet a cat backwards? They get all static-y and angry, they'll claw your eyes out... can you imagine putting a crocheted cat-poncho on one? eeks, I pity the person that gives that one a try!

  4. I do like the pink sweater, but not on her. :(

  5. I'm surprised those animals don't bite a good chunk out of their owners in revenge. Maybe they do.

  6. LOL I love the wild belly fur tufts.


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