Saturday, 21 February 2009

How To Turn Someone Off From 50 Feet Away

You know, I was looking for a way to cheaply and hideously remind anyone with eyeballs that I suffer from "cold sores" and extremely chapped and bloody lips to a magnitude heretofore unseen, just so, you know, they'll never forget. Ever.

This should do quite nicely.


  1. Did you know that Carmex was invented by a man from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada?

  2. No, Venom. I did not know that. Good looking out!

  3. Better those than Valtrex! ;b

  4. Are you gonna say that you don't like my preparation H necklace??

  5. ROTFLMBO!!!

    I too have suffered from "cold sores" since childhood.

    I met a former family member who also suffer and had money enough to investigate/research and found the it is simply a lack of an amino acid. He turned me on the Lysine, found in any evil empire/walmart, grocery, drug store, etc...

    I ply myself with 3,000 mg's/1,000 breakfast, lunch & dinnertime, the first couple of days that I start to feel/know one is developing, and viola...none since. If you wait too long and it starts to show, still use the Lysine as it cuts the journey way down!

    Really, we should take it daily to avoid it all together. However, I guess that its cheaper to wait...



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