Thursday, 24 December 2009

We Have a Winner!!

Yes, I know everyone on here is a big loser, but "The Biggest Loser" was already taken. Go figure.  So we have a winner! The biggest winner!

And somebody actually guessed correctly what the fuck this glowing Jesus baby is all about: Msunflower! Because it's a glow-in-the-dark Baby Jesus Soap-on-a-rope.  Why you need your baby jesuses glowing, soapy and ropey is beyond me, but Msunflower guessed correctly.  So (s)he wins my undying love (I know, I'm easy).  So, uh, (s)he wins!  How the hell (s)he knew what it was, I have no idea. Maybe (s)he has one.  I suppose there's nothing like rubbing your nalgas down first thing in the morning wuth a glowing sudsy baby Jesus. Anyway, congrats!

BTW - if you're not following me on facebook yet, click the link in the right-hand-side bar, and it'll be taken care of.  Same for twatter.

PS: Fanboy Wife gets the runner-up for also guessing correctly, but guessing late. Sucks to be you.
PPS: My favourite answer was given by Haley.  So you also win.  Kinda.  You're a winner to me.


  1. Yay MSunflower! She has one of those, I've seen it ;)

  2. That's just too weird and more than a little scary.

  3. Man, I thought I had it with the Indiana Dairy Whip guess. Merry spooky glowing Christmas!

  4. Yayyyyy!

    Now I'll go rub baby jeebus allll over my body in the shower with my Woolly Mammoth :D lol



  5. I'm a winner...kinda...!

  6. did you come up with the word twatter in relation to twitter?
    If so, please copyright it.
    It made my day.


  7. I have a "store" I ran across on etsy that immediately made me think of you. You MUST check it out...and tell me what else you could possibly spend $75 on...

    Oh my.

    PS - My word verification for this comment was "bickity"...what a perfect term for crappy art. You should SO use that!

  8. I can't beLIEVE nobody got me one of these.

  9. Baby Jesus looks like a little glow worm. :-(



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