Sunday, 6 December 2009

Hangover Cures of the Gods


WWJOFT? (What Would Jesus Order For Take-Out?)

Oh, and this one is still in the planning stage but I will be keeping an eye out for the finished product. Lolita maternity wear! What could possibly go wrong? (Besides 16 getting you 20, of course.) This modern world.... Lolitas having Lolitas... I tell you!

Leave suggestions for what Jesus would order for take-out in the comments! Lord fried rice? Twice risen pizza?


  1. If I had to imagine, I think Jesus would be a fan of fish tacos.

  2. kung pao krucifixion
    hunan healing
    with a side of ten commandment curry sauce
    hold the sweet-n-sour sacrilege

    also poo poo platter
    hee hee, i just like to say that
    'poo poo platter'

    we get our takeout from this place:


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