Thursday, 17 December 2009

Humpday Roundup

So this week's Humpday Roundup is surprisingly short, due to the fact that most of the other crapft blogs have stopped updating (and one ripped off one of my posts, and I'm not going to promote that kind of narsty behavior), but on the flip side, this week's roundup has also gotten surprisingly NSFW.  And as we all know, one dirty crapft is equal to like, 10 normal crapfts.  So there we are.  Enjoy.

Naked crocheted doll from What Not To Crochet.  Zexy.

Strange vintage record coasters at EtsyWTF

The nastiest, most pornographic plush textile I have ever seen, at Craftastrophe.
Seriously - don't click this link if you're at work.  You probably won't get fired, but your boss will think you're into some kind of kinky freaky shit.  And that's just embarrassing.


  1. i'm glad mine are the nastiest textiles you've ever seen. thanks for the shout out. and i think everyone should look at them at work. hell, buy 'em for your boss!

  2. hahaha!!! that last one would make fantastic scatter cushions for the bedroom ;o)

  3. Maybe these pornographic pillows could be given as a suggestion to find new and interesting sex positions to spice up one's sex life.

  4. @ schinders: I hope you know that by "nasty" I meant nas-tay. In the floppy-wristed, head-cocked, slightly-lispy kind of way. I wouldn't have posted it if I didn't love it!

  5. I need to doublecheck, but I'm worried the song from the coaster is on my iPod.

  6. @julia d glad you do. thanks again! merry happy.


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