Tuesday, 27 October 2009

You Tell Me.

Is it ... is it a llama? Or, or is it maybe a cat? Or a giraffe? Or, well, ehm, what is this, exactly? Other than hideous, of course. That much is obvious. What is not obvious, though, is whether or not I'm currently making fun of a mentally-deficient individual. On one hand, this crafter was able to physically construct this item, take a picture of it, upload said picture onto their computer, and then post it on cutoutandkeep.net. On the other hand, look at it.

There's a fine line sometimes, folks.


  1. It said 'made for a friend' on the source pic-is it a test to see how strong the friendship is?

  2. I think they are raised for their fur. I saw a lady with a jacket made of stuff like this once.

  3. Oh, made for a friend. I thought from, which is more macabre, admittedly, but altogether more intriguing. If a callamaraffe could be any more intriguing.


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