Friday, 9 October 2009

I Don't Even Want To Know If Those Are Supposed To Be Teeth


Egads people.

I think, that if my old university textbook of various psychological diseases were to manifest itself into a visual representation of what a brain tumor tastes like, this technicolour disaster would be the unholy result. In fact, I think this painting may have even been cited in the chapter's preface on paranoid schizophrenia as part of an anti-marajuana message.

Although, ironically enough, the artist reminisces: "I painted this clown during a very horrific time in my life," while also noting that "This bittersweet painting reminds us all that even clowns are sad sometimes". As if the idea of grown-ass men spending their lives dressed unrecognizeably in wigs and costumes with slathered-on grinning facepaint with the sole intention of playing with small children wasn't obviously sad enough already.

Although, to be fair, I think there's the perfect space for it on my second-floor landing. I've been looking to add just that perfect touch of "Oh-My-Fucking-God-What-The-Hell-Is-Wrong-With-You" to my other-wise neutral color scheme.

Thanks to Chris for the link!

BTW, contest winners announced tomorrow!!


  1. I think just looking at this may induce a brain tumour; or at the very least, some psychological problem.

  2. You MUST follow that link and see this persons shop. I don't know what is more astonishing, the choice of subject matter, or the fact that the
    paintings or prints come in so many different sizes.
    If you are in the market for a Michael J. Fox print, John Denver print, or President Garfield print, this is the seller for you. IF you need other presidents, she probably has the one you want. They Might Be Giants would be proud.

  3. I never understood the fear of clowns until now... although I think I'm more afraid of the artist...

  4. It does sort of look like Jim Carey the 60's....on an acid a dungeon.....smeared with poo...really .....look close.....right ....there!

  5. I think he just came from a consultation with the dentist, and has seen how much money it will be costing.

  6. John Wayne Gacy Unmasked.


  7. This blog is downright hysterical! I know I don't comment here very often, but I felt the need to give you a SASSY award. It's over at my place if you're interested... :)


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