Friday, 16 October 2009

I Hate It When Bad Crapfts Try to Tell Me What To Do.


OKAY. I GET IT. Jeezus, Mr. green "BUY SODA" monster. Maybe I freaking will already. For real, chill the heck out. Seriously. You need to cool it for a minute, and then maybe ask nicely and then maybe, just maybe, I'll buy you some freaking soda. Just read your comic book for a second, put your skull away, and quit conversing with me in all-capitals, and then we'll see just how far your flaily-armed demands get you. Because at the rate you're going, all I'm prepared to buy for you is some diet caffeine-free Mr Pibb, and nobody wants that, now do we. No. We don't. Because it's the low-rent wall-eyed cousin of Dr. Pepper, and we all know it.

So just relax for a freaking minute and at least ask me politely in cursive.


  1. i like how this is version 4.6 of the 'buy soda' monster. what were the upgrades?

    and if this is a monster, why isnt the message 'steal soda' or 'destroy soda' or 'kidnap, torture, and mutilate soda'?
    too many unanswered questions...

  2. Somewhere, the artist that made the monsters for PacMan might be planting the forehead to the palm for not thinking of a more hideous graphic after seeing this.

  3. love you, Nooter and Eric! <3!


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