Friday, 30 October 2009

This Looks Like Itching


I can think of no finer way to immortalize your favourite hippie-friend/weed-source than to cut off their dreads and fashion a bracelet out of them. Because if there's one thing I want touching my skin at all times, it's the slowly-rotting, severed, follicled remains of a hippie who hadn't washed their hair for so long it eventually fused together. I can almost smell the coconut oil and stale bong water from here.


  1. I come to your site more for the well-made prose -- of which there is a worldwide shortage -- than the shoddy-made crafts -- of which there is no lack. In a Gramatically Incorrect and functionally illiterate country, here I've religiously achieved ataraxis. Provocative, eh? So envision the impact, if you will, when, this morning, I read about a hippie and "their" hair. I am traumatized, Miss Julia. Traumatized!

    (Okay, maybe traumatized is a bit dramatized. but, hey, I was affected enough to post a comment about it.)

  2. Q: How do you make a five legged Troll(tm) doll?

    A: I think we just found out.

  3. It... looks like her wrist is wearing a skirt. And that's just not cool.

  4. Yikes, looks like something left over from the Lion King.

  5. Just to fill ya in....dreads don't mean they haven't washed their hair in years. When you have dreads, you wash your hair normally.



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