Tuesday, 6 October 2009

I'm Not Sure Dental Hygiene Belongs on Your Wrist. Just Sayin'.

Look, I'm all for making a tooth-brush bracelet in the same way I'm all for creating pop-tab chain-mail. But, in the same way that I believe you should remove the pop cans before putting together your pop-tab chain-mail, I equally believe you should remove the bristles before creating your tooth-brush bracelet. Call me old-fashioned.

Thanks CutOut&Keep!


  1. Is it tied on with Glide(tm)?

  2. you can pick your nose and brush your teeth at the same time

  3. Euuurrargh! Let's hope it was a new toothbrush, and not some old manky one with a patina of dried Crest all over it.

    Is anyone ever in that much a hurry where they'd need to scrub their teeth as they dashed for the bus or summat? E-freakin-gad.

  4. Does anyone ever actually wear this stuff?


  5. That's weird like what PussDaddy said. But it's also cute at the same time. For children, it can be a good reminder for them to brush their teeth always.


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