Sunday, 4 October 2009

And It's Not Even a Toilet Roll Cover

Maybe it's the freakishly large head. Maybe it's the freakishly small hands. Maybe it's the complete lack of the lower half of her body, or the unexplainable blue beaded tit she seems to be proudly and emphatically emerging from. Maybe it's because she makes me want to sing "the hiiiills are aliiiiive, with the sound of uuuuuugly." Or maybe, just maybe, it's because it appears the whole lower half is held together with large safety pins.

Or, you know, maybe it's all of the above, but I just can't bring myself to believe this is worth $20. Or the crafter's dignity.


  1. It reminds me eerily of one of those puppets from Mister Rodgers' Neighborhood.

  2. That scares me. I laughed about the toilet roll cover because my crazy aunt used to make them that were as ugly as this.

  3. Do they really think some one is going to buy that? Good grief, I hope my 96 year old grandmother doesn't get this for one of my girls for Christmas - or even worse, one for each of them :(

  4. My great-aunt makes (made? don't know if she still does, it was 15 years ago) dolls like this, out of beads and saftey pins, it's apparently a pretty common craft from the 60s and 70s. Though my great-aunt's doll looked much, much better; for one thing, it had an appropriately-sized head, and the dress didn't look so... tittish. I have no idea where that doll is, now, but it was actually pretty cute.

    It was very much like this one (link below), but with hair, and the arms didn't have this one's scary hands; the arms were joined together with a large bead as if the doll had her hands in a muff.


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