Wednesday, 14 October 2009

I'm Drunk And Swear-y. Watch out.


Good golly.

I oftentimes (isn't that a good word) resist in posting pictures of sock monkeys, as they, as far as I understand, are intentionally goofy and home-ec-y (again, isn't that a good word). That is, until I was sent this fine specimen of a sock-monkey by a reader. And what a specimen it is. Not only is it bizarrely armless, but it is also extremely badly-made. Which is a feat unto itself, considering how low the bar was already set. Because it's a freaking sock-monkey. So, uh, way to go, crappy-sock-monkey-creator. Now you have a claim to fame.

Thanks to melanie skiver for sending this in!

Also, I got another award! Thanks to The Fox Den for my shiny new addition to my already over-laden mantelpiece:

Thanks, fox den! I'm glad I'm addictive. Like heroin. Or meth. Or gambling. Or sex with underage Thai male prostitutes. Or your mom.

And, finally, I have a winner for the last competition. Well, multiple winners, really. A couple people guessed the right answer, Bob Dylan, but there were some really funny answers as well which I think it's only fair that I award. So, rock out, I guess. Here are the winners:

Nooter: for being hilarious, as always.
Eye love: for being correct, at least 50% of the time
MABJewelry: for guessing Bea Arthur
and Me-Me King: for also being correct.

Here's the award! You lot earned it!


  1. A double amputee sock monkey.....I suppose the good news is it doesn't have a vagina.

  2. Even though he has no arms he's still smiling, bless!

  3. 'Oftentimes' feels a nice, cosy piece of language, like 'somewhen'.

  4. At least you didn't have sex with the sock monkey.


  5. Maybe it's a crude ode to the Venus de Milo?


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