Thursday, 26 November 2009

What I'm Thankful For (Brought to You by the Letter C)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! In the spirit of today's homage to massacred Native Americans and gluttony, I bring to you my annual list of things I'm especially thankful for, in no particular order:

1) Crocheted cranberry sauce. Not only is it outstandingly useful but it also has eyeballs! The better to (not really) see you with while you're (not really) eating it!

2) Cupcake cozies. Because my cupcake was getting cold and needed an extra layer of crazy for insulation.

and lastly, 3) Cats in bags. Obviously.

And there it is, everyone! The things I am most thankful for right now; the things that almost thaw my black shriveled raisin of a heart. And if you can bring yourself to take a breather from shoveling turkey down your face-holes for just a minute please feel free to leave a comment as to what you are most thankful for in this most crapft-inspiring of seasons. And then we can all drunkenly point and laugh at you together, thereby continuing to spread the holiday cheer. Yay for Thanksgiving!


  1. Oh, the cat bag is a must have this Christmas season! It's not like they have a fur coat on already. Sheesh!

    I'm thankful for the opportunity to look at tacky Christmas decorations that I'm sure you will find this season.

  2. Re:the cat in the bag- why does the woman look all forlorn?
    Is it because the cat is a substitute for a baby she can't have? Or is she anticipating that her eyes are going to be scratched out?

  3. I think she's praying. Cats really do not like crapfts, and that cat especially looks like his patience with this doggish foolishness has worn thin. Yes, the woman is definitely praying.

  4. haha ha hahaha haha haha ha hahaha ha haha hahaha ha haha ha hahaha ha haha ha ha haha hahaha ha!

    im thankful you posted the picture of that dumb cat!

    hahaha ha haha ha ha hahaha haha hahaha ha ha!

  5. I love the crocheted cranberry sauce. I am a firm believer in having to see the cranberry sauce (Oceanspray canned kind) on the table, even though I don't eat it. Weird but true.

  6. Yay for cats in bags and cats all over the damn place! :-)



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