Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Humpday Roundup

So I was checking out some of the other crapft sites around the internets, and believe me, there's an infestation of them, when I decided that in the name of Thanksgiving and joyousness and all that crap I should start a weekly segment on Homemade Hilarity giving props to the other funny writers who spend waaay too much time searching out the ugly.

Crocheted Clown birthday cake on What Not To Crochet

Man painting nude on Craftastrophe

Tinsel creature (yeah, I don't know either) on ETSY WTF

Gourd fail on CraftFail

Cheese and crackers vegan soap on Kraftomatic

HelloPepsi necklace on What Not To Craft

Turkey hand at Handmade Gone Wrong

Bronzed(!) cinnamon roll at Glitter Gone Bad


  1. The really scarey fact is- there are enough crapfts to sustain these sites!

  2. I kind of like the bronze cinnamon roll. It's how the Romans would have rolled.


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