Monday, 23 November 2009

Mrs. Winehouse Has Never Looked Finer. Or Healthier.


So here I was today, minding my own business, surfing my own internets, when what do I see in front of me but an article written by The Daily Mail about knitting. I know, I know. To be fair, and to put it in perspective, it was about knitted celebrities. And it was hilarious. And maybe a little bit traumatic. A little bit hilarious and a little bit traumatic. (Which, ironically enough, sums up The Daily Mail quite eloquently.) And, after much chortling and guffawing and pointing spasmically at the knitted Barry White, I decided it would be cruel not to re-post some of the finer specimens. Enjoy.


  1. Wow! Amy does look awesome. As for the others, chest hair looks other kind of hair.

  2. Barry White?! I thought it was Little Richard! :o

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  4. mmm, nice looking chew toys. though im not entirely sure a chew toy is 'insightfull', just a heckuva lotta fun! oh, and im living my dream and working from home too.


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