Saturday, 28 November 2009

eggs on you egg you on


Clearly a devious attempt by the powerful Egg Lobby to give you dreams where you nuzzle your face into a pile of fried eggs. That or this is Big Egg's new mascot, Eggy the Vaguely Silky Creature of Leisure.

At least he's better than their first choice, Goldy the Vaguely Lamé Creature of Leisure... hmm, I think I need some assistance telling what creature this is. If only there was some helpful information in pillow form...

Hey, thanks BIRD PILLOW! I remember you! I knew you existed for a reason.


  1. sooooo, if the bird pillow is stuffed with feathers (presumably), whats the porcupine pillow stuffed with?

  2. hah! "Eggy the Vaguely Silky Creature of Leisure" love it!

  3. This brings a whole new meaning to giving someone "the bird."


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