Saturday, 14 November 2009

They Do Say Whales Evolved From A Bear-Like Animal.

So evidently this week is "what the hell did you knit" week here at homemade hilarity. Which was unplanned, to be honest (and so was Jesus, so I don't want to hear it), but I'm gonna roll with it while I can.

Today's little gem comes from Etsy. Shocking, I know.

And yes, they're a couple of MerBears. That's right. MerBears. Mer...Bears. Knitted MerBears. Knitted button-eyed MerBears. Knitted, button-eyed, multicolour MerBears. With flippers.

Flippered MerBears.

Who knew.


  1. "The Knitting Basket of Dr. Moreau"
    This has to end. What's next, Terra Tuna with legs? Yes, there's always "when pigs can fly"... but that means "Never!" Not supposed to happen. Especially not in yarn.

  2. Well I don't know whether to be terrified of the possibility of being mauled the next time I go snorkeling, or whether I should be impressed with the 'out of the box*' thinking this knitter exhibits.

    * where box = mind

    ps - anonymous, loved the Moreau reference

  3. There are far worse things-go to the 2010 Winter Olympics site and check out the hideous 'mascots' that look like anime rejects..really, an embarassment...

  4. And I wanna know how, what can only be described as burnt cocoa butter between the merbears invokes sea thoughts? I mean is it supposed to be a "rock"?

    You know what, this person made a merbear, why would I expect any sanity out of it.

  5. Did she get half-way through her bears only to realize the paws looked flippers and decided to make a fish tail to cover her mistakes?


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