Wednesday, 18 April 2012

You Couldn't KEEP Me Away!

Oh, Exploratorium, you golden-domed golden-gated institution of learning and exploration and golden opportunities for children of all ages, I had no idea you also dabbled in surrealist garbage-stained trash puppets.  How was I to know you have a deep-rooted interest in pond-liner-bodied, garden-twine-waisted, wooden-dumbbell-mouthed, old-argyle-sweater-armed, car-rag-haired childrens' dolls?  Except for the fact that yes, you advertised it:

"Visit the SCRAP table and use fabric, buttons and toys discarded by local businesses to create a Trash Puppet. Come with a character in mind or make one that looks like you! We’ll attach a pencil to the puppet’s arm so you can make your puppet come to life."
You'll attach a pencil?  Well, I don't say.  A whole pencil?  With an eraser and everything? To my very own trash doll?  Will the finery never cease? Count me in, Exploratorium, count me in.

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