Friday, 16 January 2009

1000 Tiny Images Of Alan Rickman

I found this next beaut for sale on etsy under "about to expire".

I have to wonder why, considering the artist puts up such a good argument for its awesomeness:

"Discover the secret of a mosaic! The wonder is in the detail.

At a distance, you will see the image of Alan Rickman
Bring it closer, and you see over a 1000 tiny images of Alan Rickman
that come together to create the portrait of Alan Rickman."

And who doesn't love a good collage of Alan Rickman? Made up of thousands of other Alan Rickmans? I, for one, hadn't even realized beforehand how little Alan Rickman I previously had in my life: I can honestly say my life was utterly devoid of Alan Rickman. Too devoid of Alan Rickman. If only I had bought this tasteful mosaic of Alan Rickman in time, my lack of Alan Rickman would have been one less Alan-Rickman-related stressor in my life. Oh, Alan Rickman, maybe it's just not meant to be.

Update: The baby Jesus must be an even bigger fan of Alan Rickman than I am, and decided to ease my sobbing, for the eagle-eyed (and hilarious) G. Henry from goldfish broth has found this Alan Rickman mosaic on eBay! Now I weep for joy. As well as Alan Rickman.


  1. I had to google Alan Rickman and then punched myself in the face because I hadn't known who he was. And yeah, baby Jesus does rock it hard.

  2. Um, uh, hmmm. Yeah don't think that fits my decor - I'll pass. :p

  3. I just inventoried my home and found that I have no Alan Rickman in my life. I am deeply saddened.

  4. If it's going to be Alan Rickman, why can't he have the mustache and beard like when he was Hans in Diehard? I mean, really.

  5. Agreed, rambler. Seriously, it just seems somehow unfinished without facial hair. Maybe we could add on another couple hundred pics and give him some sideburns at the very least.

  6. Well crap, how come nobody ever makes something like that of Pamela Anderson?

  7. oh, the human, I'm sure you could find one if you looked hard enough.


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